Expo Tracker, LLC respects the privacy of its customers and other visitors to its website. Expo Tracker, LLC strongly believes that if electronic commerce and online activities are to flourish, consumers must be assured that information provided online is used responsibly and appropriately. To protect online privacy, Expo Tracker, LLC has implemented the following policy which to govern Expo Tracker, LLC's relationship with you in relation to this website.
Expo Tracker, LLC does not disclose credit card account information provided by its customers. When customers choose to pay using their credit cards, Expo Tracker, LLC submits the information needed to obtain payment to the appropriate clearinghouse. All sensitive data, such as credit card information, is transmitted via SSL encryption.
Expo Tracker, LLC does not sell customer information to anyone. Customer personal information is not shared with third parties other than those acting as agents of this organization and as directed by Expo Tracker, LLC. For example, a third party may act as our agent, acting as event registration manager for Expo Tracker, LLC events. Therefore, if a user registers for an event, they may be directed to an event specific website. A third party acting on behalf of Expo Tracker, LLC may collect event registration information for the purpose of managing the event on behalf of Expo Tracker, LLC.
Expo Tracker, LLC asks other users to provide their name, organization name, business phone, and e-mail. Credit card information is collected from an individual when registering for an educational course, or event, or purchasing other goods or services. These data are submitted voluntarily. Similar information may be submitted to Expo Tracker, LLC through conference or seminar registrations, publication orders, and subscriptions. Additionally, for some emails sent in HTML format by Expo Tracker, LLC to its customers, Expo Tracker, LLC may collect specific information regarding what the recipient does with that email. For those emails, Expo Tracker, LLC may monitor whether a recipient subsequently clicks through to links provided in the message. Other information collected through this tracking feature includes: email address of a user, the date and time of the user's "click", a message number, name of the list from which the message was sent, tracking URL number, and destination page. Expo Tracker, LLC will only use this information to enhance its services and distribution of those services to its customers. This information will not be distributed in any other manner without user consent.
We may also share your personal information and/or non-personal information with other third parties under the following circumstances:
  • When we believe in good faith that the law requires it and/or if compelled to do so by law enforcement or government agencies, or to meet national security requirements, or by other legal action;
  • When we deem it necessary or appropriate to provide such information to law enforcement authorities; to protect our rights, or to take precautions against liability;
  • To protect users of our services from fraudulent, abusive, or unlawful use of, or subscription to, such services; in the course of a sale, merger, transfer, exchange or other disposition (whether of assets, stock or otherwise) of all or a portion of our business, in which case information we have collected or otherwise acquired may be one of the assets transferred.
  • In cases of onward transfer to third parties of data of EU individuals received pursuant to the EUUS Privacy Shield and Swiss-US Privacy Shield, Expo Tracker, LLC is potentially liable.
  • The Federal Trade Commission has jurisdiction over Expo Tracker, LLC’s compliance with the Privacy Shield.
  • An individual has the possibility, under certain conditions, to invoke binding arbitration for complaints regarding Privacy Shield compliance not resolved by any of the other Privacy Shield mechanisms.
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If users have questions or concerns regarding this statement, they should contact our Customer Service Department via email, by telephone at (703) 978-7080, or by postal service at the following address:
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National Athletic Trainers' Association's Clinical Symposia & AT Expo

June 24 – 27, 2019

Las Vegas, NV

Texworld, Apparel Sourcing, Home Sourcing

July 22 – 24, 2019

New York, NY

NCHBA’s 21st Century Building Expo & Conference

September 10 – 12, 2019

Charlotte, NC

Air Force Association Air, Space, Cyber Conference

September 16 – 18, 2019

National Harbor, MD

AAO-HNSF Annual Meeting & OTO Experience

September 15 – 18, 2019

New Orleans, LA

STAFDA’s 43rd Annual Convention & Trade Show

November 10 – 12, 2019

Nashville, TN


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